Motherhood is hard

Welcome! Welcome! This may sound crazy and redundant, but I’ve decided that being a mom is hard. I know, it’s always been hard and it will always be so, but I cannot think of anything in my life that has been harder. And, it feels like it’s getting more difficult.

I try to do what’s right and I AM GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES. There’s no doubt about that, but sometimes I wish I could take a day off. Impossible. Even when my kids are not around, I am their mother. I have to look out for them, even when no one else will, except their dad.

What’s funny is, when they are little, they appreciate this. They know that the choices I make are keeping them safe and they blindly follow me. They believe that what I tell them is right and good.

However, the kids get older, which is great, but I can’t protect them quite as well. I find this extremely frustrating. They no longer believe me. They think I might be keeping them from having fun. They feel that I am too strict. They think I don’t trust them. They have many reasons for not wanting to follow my advice or for getting angry when I won’t let them do something.

I have to stand my ground, which I am terrible at. I want peace and harmony. I like it when we get along. They are fun. They each have an amazing and unique sense of humor. They blow me away with how smart they are and the way they think. They are each so different yet the same. They are mine. They will always be mine. I love them. Thanks for reading!

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