Black Friday is Gone

Welcome! Welcome! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day with your family and friends and that some of the day is relaxing. Thanksgiving used to be a day of relaxing with the family, watching football, cooking, helping mom or grandma, or whoever made dinner clean up after dinner. Maybe it still is for many of you. Then we would sit down and talk, play some board games, and look at the ads for Black Friday.

It seemed like every year the stores were opening up earlier and earlier. It was kind of fun. Mom and I would go and get a lot of our Christmas shopping done while it was still dark. When we were done, we would go out for breakfast and then go home and take a nap. Frankly, the last couple of days were exhausting. Continue reading

Mixed Feelings on Mother’s Day

Welcome! Welcome! This year, Mother’s Day was so full of mixed feelings. It actually is every year, but it seemed so much more intense this year. My two oldest boys are getting so “old.” I’m starting to see the end of their time at home wither away. The time, as redundant as it is, has flown. It will continue to fly. I look back on their childhood with way too much regret. I pray that they never have to give a speech on Mother’s Day. They’ll have to either lie or dig extremely deep to find good things to say. I know that I am exaggerating, but the mistakes I have made pile up way too high. Continue reading

Do You DREAM of Financial Freedom?

Welcome! Welcome! Late this summer, Mark and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary. I have spent the last several months reflecting on our time together. We have had a great marriage. We get along really well. Seriously. We have an occasional fight and there are a lot of things that we don’t agree on, but we really do get along, and yes, he drives me crazy, in all the good and bad ways. I drive him crazy, too. Continue reading