Mixed Feelings on Mother’s Day

Welcome! Welcome! This year, Mother’s Day was so full of mixed feelings. It actually is every year, but it seemed so much more intense this year. My two oldest boys are getting so “old.” I’m starting to see the end of their time at home wither away. The time, as redundant as it is, has flown. It will continue to fly. I look back on their childhood with way too much regret. I pray that they never have to give a speech on Mother’s Day. They’ll have to either lie or dig extremely deep to find good things to say. I know that I am exaggerating, but the mistakes I have made pile up way too high. Continue reading

Managing Facebook with Teens

Welcome! Welcome!

Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with this awesome piece of technology.

Almost four years ago, my husband changed careers, and that meant that we would be doing a little bit of moving around. The first move wasn’t too bad. My oldest was nearly thirteen and he adjusted pretty well. We had been homeschooling until that point and decided this was a good time, for many reasons, to put them in school.

However, a little over a year later we were asked to change locations. By this time my second had turned thirteen and my oldest was fourteen and a half. This move was horrible. They were not adjusting. They missed their friends. A social life is extremely important at their age, and they were devastated. So, we decided to let them open up Facebook accounts in order to keep in touch with the people they dearly missed. Continue reading

We are the queens of our homes

Welcome! Welcome! Yeah! QueenofHome.com is up and running. For this first post, I just want to explain the name. Queen of Home has nothing to do with me. Well, okay, it has something to do with me, but not how you might think. I do not feel like I am the best at what I do, which is being a wife and mom. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I have a long way to go in that department. Continue reading