Black Friday is Gone

Welcome! Welcome! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day with your family and friends and that some of the day is relaxing. Thanksgiving used to be a day of relaxing with the family, watching football, cooking, helping mom or grandma, or whoever made dinner clean up after dinner. Maybe it still is for many of you. Then we would sit down and talk, play some board games, and look at the ads for Black Friday.

It seemed like every year the stores were opening up earlier and earlier. It was kind of fun. Mom and I would go and get a lot of our Christmas shopping done while it was still dark. When we were done, we would go out for breakfast and then go home and take a nap. Frankly, the last couple of days were exhausting.

As the years went by, however, things started to get a little crazy. Shopping for the Black Friday deals began to get a little dangerous. The stores had a limited supply of their best deals and so the mobbing began. Women, sometimes men, were pushing through the line to get what they wanted. People were getting trampled. In the big cities, sometimes even killed.

Now, it’s not really even Black Friday at all. I have started calling it Red Thursday. Companies want a lead on all of the consumers’ shopping time, so they started opening at midnight and then after awhile Thanksgiving was no longer a true holiday. This frustrates me. I have always believed that people should have these days off if at all possible. There are certain industries where it is impossible to shut down. The retail industry is not one of them.

Thanksgiving is a day to be with family. Barbara Bush said, “I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.” By not opening until later in the day these retailers think they are justifying what they are doing, but their employees aren’t getting a day off. They aren’t getting a real holiday. They are more stressed when they know they have to be to work in a few short hours. They don’t have the time to sit back, relax and play board games. That is why I call it Red Thursday. Black Friday is gone. I hope many of you have the entire day off to enjoy with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You for reading.

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