We are the queens of our homes

Welcome! Welcome! Yeah! QueenofHome.com is up and running. For this first post, I just want to explain the name. Queen of Home has nothing to do with me. Well, okay, it has something to do with me, but not how you might think. I do not feel like I am the best at what I do, which is being a wife and mom. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I have a long way to go in that department.

However, I feel like God put women on this earth for a specific purpose, and whether or not we have the opportunity to stay home full time, we truly are queens of our home. We set the tone. We have the power to invite God’s spirit in or drive Him away. We are often the first thing that our children look for in the morning when they get up, and later when they get home from school. We have the power to make them feel like they are the most special people that walk on the planet, because they truly are.

Our husbands look to us for emotional support, as well. Their world truly revolves around us. In a perfect world they would come home to a tidy house, a happy wife, and the amazing smells of dinner wafting through the house. My husband really appreciates the days when he comes home and dinner is smelling up the house and I am in a good mood. As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

But, we are not perfect. The house isn’t always tidy, dinner isn’t always made, and sometimes or maybe often, we are frazzled. There are things that we want to do that don’t involve cleaning, cooking, or raising kids. That’s okay, too. My hope with this blog is to celebrate the awesomeness of being a woman, and also the parts that are hard. Life is not a fairy tale. Life is hard.

So, come and rejoice with me; cry with me. Let us celebrate womanhood and motherhood. We love our husbands. We love our children. We love beautiful things. We are the queens of our homes. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “We are the queens of our homes

  1. I am so excited to read this blog!!
    And, I hate the fact that a mom sets the tone in the home (that’s so much responsibility ) but I know it’s true.

    • I have to agree with you on that, for sure. Mom has bad days just like everybody else.

      Thank you so much for your support. You have always been an amazing friend.

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